Web Development Bootcamp Zadar 2021

Web Development Bootcamp Zadar 2021

The first Web Development Bootcamp was held in Zadar and we are proud to have been a part of it. Read more below about the lecture we gave on the topic of web application development.

From 11 to 22 October 2021, the first Web Development Bootcamp was organized in Zadar by the University of Zadar.

The Web Development Bootcamp program was quite extensive and covered a wide range from branding, web design, programming to SEO optimization and digital marketing.

On that occasion, we were given the opportunity to participate in the part related to the development of web applications. Our software engineer and certified programmer Simeon Bulgaria gave a lecture and a practical workshop on the basics of the PHP programming language and the Laravel development framework.

The workshop was held in two days where the theory of the programming language PHP and Laravel framework was discussed on the first day with the installation of the development environment and the simple task of printing a series of data on a screen in a loop.

The lecture on the basics of the PHP programming language covered chapters such as syntax, data types, variables, constants, operators, branching, loops, functions, and object-oriented programming.

The lecture on the basics of the Laravel framework gave participants an insight into the MVC architecture of the framework, with a practical example of how navigation within a web application works.

The second day the second day was dedicated to the communication of the web application with the MySQL database and external services (API). Participants are introduced to how to create a database and how to retrieve data from the database via a web application.

The task was to make a migration and model for products with a given structure, retrieve all products in the controller and submit them to the cover page screen and add a new route and a detailed product display screen.

For the API example, the HTTP client retrieved data from the CNB exchange rate list in JSON format.

We were extremely honored to participate in the first Web Development Bootcamp in Zadar and we hope that there will be more such events in the future. We have many years of experience in web design and custom application development and we are glad to be able to share this knowledge with future generations of developers.