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Alimentarius - Nutrition Counseling Zadar is a place where with the expert guidance of a nutritionist, a combination of knowledge of medicine and nutrition, helps people to accept a balanced diet as a lifestyle.

For the client's needs, we have created a modern website with a webshop. The website is customizable for display on mobile devices, and colors match the visual identity of the company. The client can add and edit digital products and news. The webshop section refers to the sale of digital products such as menus. Through the website, the user selects the desired product in just 3 steps and completes the purchase. For the credit card payment, we have integrated the WSPay payment gateway. The client has the ability to add and edit news. The blog module has a text editor through which the user can enter text, stylize it as desired, and attach documents, links, or pictures from the media library. The site is search engine optimized (basic SEO optimization), affiliated with Google Analytics, registered with the Google Search Console, and compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).