CMS system for real estate agency


Ing-Victus d.o.o. za projektiranje i nekretnine


Web design (HTML, CSS, JS), CMS real estate, CMS references (PHP, Laravel)

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ING-VICTUS is a company engaged in real estate and designing in construction. The office is located in the center of Belišće. Their mission is to design and locate properties that will provide you with maximum satisfaction through their responsible and individual approach.

For the needs of the agency, we have developed a CMS system for independent entry and editing of real estate by categories and references. Each category of the property has different attributes. A property search engine is integrated with filters by keywords, location, neighborhood, category, price, surface, type of service (rent/sale). Real estate can be set to status: new, sold, reduced ... and are thus displayed in different colors. The website is multilingual and the title and description of the property can be entered separately in Croatian and English language. Optionally, you can enter the address on Google Maps and position the marker if you want the users to know the exact location of the property. The user has the ability to feature real estates and references on the home page. Responsive design was used for the layout of the page, customized for display on mobile devices, and we adjusted the color according to the legacy and visual identity of the company. In the header, we added a button that leads to a form through which users can offer their real estate for sale or rent.