Šare Ogrjev

Šare Ogrjev

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Šam Commerce d.o.o.


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Šare Ogrjev is part of Šam-Commerce d.o.o. which specializes in the sale of heating material. Šam-Commerce d.o.o. operates with many years of experience in the sale and delivery of firewood in the city of Zadar. Their professional team of people is trained to handle trucks, cranes and forklifts, all to allow you to deliver to your doorstep.

For the client's needs, we have created a modern website for apartments. The website is customizable for display on mobile devices, and colors match the visual identity of the company. The site is search engine optimized (basic SEO optimization), affiliated with Google Analytics, registered with the Google Search Console, and compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).