Sub Adventure

Sub Adventure

Webshop for diving equipment


Zadar Sub d.o.o.


Webshop development (HTML, CSS, JS), CMS blog, CMS products, CMS courses, (PHP, Laravel)

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Sub Adventure is a diving equipment store in Zadar. Sub Adventure offers everything for diving in one place! Diving courses, diving equipment store and authorized diving equipment service.

For the client's needs, we have created a modern webshop. The webshop is customizable for display on mobile devices, and colors match the visual identity of the company. The basic functionalities are: adding and editing products within categories, creating packages with multiple products, adding manufacturers, tracking online orders, and adding pop-up advertising messages. In addition to the product, the client can add diving courses and create course schedules. The standard blog module allows the client to add, edit and publish news. Main modules have a text editor through which the client can enter text, style it as desired, and attach documents, links, or images from the media library. Visitors of the webshop can filter and search for products. The purchase process takes place in three steps, selecting the product and adding it to the cart, filling in personal data, and selecting delivery options. Payment is made by bank transfer or transaction account. The site is search engine optimized (basic SEO optimization), linked to Google Analytics, registered with the Google Search Console, and compliant with the Right to Access Information Act (GDPR).