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Web design (HTML, CSS, JS), CMS for editing page, blog and events (PHP, Laravel)

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The main goal of the CODE project is to improve the entrepreneurial environment in the cross-border area through the development of business infrastructure and support services for innovative entrepreneurial ideas. The project envisages the strengthening of local supportive entrepreneurial institutions, the development and implementation of a new mentoring program for entrepreneurs. Plan is to establish a Code Hub coworking space network, a model of collaboration between the private and public sector for the start and development of IT clusters, as well as the implementation of various specialized training and education related to the IT sector.

For the client's needs, we have created a modern presentation website. The layout of the page is customizable for display on all devices. We have developed a CMS system for adding and editing news and events with image gallery. The ability to add uesers who log in to the administrative interface via email and password. Each user has a separate page that can edit, post news, and events. News and events can be sorted by author.